Apocalypse Updates Soon

The Apocalypse campaign page will be updated shortly. Plans are to have relevant info posted by Saturday night.
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Apocalypse Campaign In-Person

Hey guys, if its not too late we’re going to start meeting in person to finish out the Apocalypse of Toril campaign tonight at my …
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Chrome Extensions

The following Chrome extensions are highly recommended for use for the FoundryVTT server located at this site. FOR PLAYERS Beyond20 Beyond20 integrates the D&D Beyond Character …
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The Necronomicon reveals to us the following truths, and verily I say unto you that the following shall be revealed when Shub-Niggurath brings forth the awakening –

Ep llll vulgtm mnahn’ vulgtm h’gof’nn ya zhro nog, nw li’hee sgn’wahl nw ooboshu kadishtu ep nw shtunggli, hupadgh r’luh zhro naflgotha hrii sll’ha ‘fhalma. Ftaghu hai tharanaknyth ‘ai nw k’yarnak ch’or stell’bsna fm’latgh llll, Dagon R’lyeh gof’nn mnahn’ R’lyeh ilyaa s’uhn Shub-Niggurath cTsathoggua cmg, ooboshu mnahn’ kn’a y-gotha nw zhro hlirgh ah. Ilyaa lw’nafh throd chtenff y-nilgh’ri hrii nggotha ftaghu Chaugnar Faugn, lloig y-sgn’wahl shugg zhroog shtunggli y-kn’a grah’n f’shtunggli, wgah’n Nyarlathotep k’yarnak ph’r’luh ftaghu nauh’e nahai. ‘bthnk cshagg stell’bsna nanglui Cthulhuoth lloig geb fhtagn Yoggoth lloigagl ngHastur, r’luh f’gof’nn f’uln ‘fhalma ph’fm’latgh throd ehye tharanak ee, nglui uaaah Shub-Niggurath shtunggli throdnyth sgn’wahl y-geb athgor phlegeth.

Abdul Alhazred

Be it known, the days of reckoning are at hand…